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White Papers and Webinars

As an industry thought leader, we have compiled a collection of white papers and executive briefs written by our senior leadership to educate and keep you apprised of the latest industry trends and topics. Please note: our white papers are designed exclusively for professional representatives and are not intended for client use.

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The Value of Advice

The pace and velocity of change in the advice industry over the last 18 months has forced many advisers to rapidly re-evaluate their business strategies and outlooks. Regulatory, technology and investmentpressures are re-shaping the business of advice – seemingly in realtime.

The New Realities of Post-DOL Compliance

At Cambridge, we have always believe that investing clients need and deserve affordable, high-quality, and objective investment advice. We have long taken a common sense approach to compliance that emphasizes our core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. What are the new realities of post-DOL compliance?

Compelling Reasons to Consider Fees for Advisors and Their Clients

Change is never easy. 

The advice industry is being pummeled with change coming faster than ever before, and the pressure is coming from everywhere. At Cambridge, we believe we must support independent advisors in adapting their business models.

Embracing Change

“The continued momentum behind the fees model is clear and increasing across the industry. At Cambridge, we continue to believe that the long-term goals for investing clients are often best served in fee-based programs, and a combination of fee and commission business is often the best model for advisors with an independent mindset.”
–    Amy Webber, President, Cambridge

The Momentum of Fee-Based Accounts in a Changing Advice Industry

Many experts agree that fee business is an important approach to serving clients, and may one day dominate the industry. Cambridge’s Colleen Bell and Melissa Loner explain the momentum behind fee-based accounts in today’s market environment.

Not for Sale Why Your Independence is Not for Sale and Why Cambridge is Not for Sale, Now or Ever

Independent and objective advice for the investing client is best delivered by independent advisors and broker-dealers with well-designed succession plans. Read our plan to learn more about why your independence is not for sale.

The Future of Advice

The Future of Advice: Identifying Avenues of Growth

Sponsored by IN Research and Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

This is the third and final report in our “Future of Advice” series, and perhaps the most important as it takes on the subject of growth. In this paper, InvestmentNews Research went deep into our survey data on nearly 1,000 investors and more than 500 advisers to recommend Avenues for Growth.

The Future of Advice - BluePrint - WhitePaper

The Future of Advice: A Blue Print for Building the Practice of the Future

Sponsored by IN Research and Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

As technology changes the way advisers and investors work, communicate and invest, the business and service models of advisory firms, like those of most industries before them, are beginning a radical evolution. This white paper, the second in the three-part Future of Advice series, covers how advisers are planning to develop and position their practices for future growth, and how they expect their business and service models to adapt to changing times.

The Future of Advice: Business Models and Services for the Next Generation

Sponsored by IN Research and Cambridge Investment Research, Inc.

The way individuals research and trade investments, communicate with advisers, and benchmark their performance has been transformed - and their expectations are evolving in a way that could create exciting new opportunities for advisers. This white paper, authored by InvestmentNews Research in partnership with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. offers analysis on a survey of 1,000 individual investors and provides insights into the business models and services for the next generation of clients.

Adjusting to a Generational Shift

Adjusting to a Generational Shift

Cambridge President Amy Webber highlights ways to develop a change strategy to bridge the generational gap.

30 Tips from 30 Years

35 Tips from 35 Years

A compilation of the views drawn from the greater world and held by the Cambridge Board and Executive Team.

Tapping into the nextgen

Building Successful Businesses by Tapping into the Next Generation of Advisors

Suggests methods of developing and retaining the next generation of talent to help preserve the financial advisor’s business plan, as well as protect their clients for decades to come.

Partnering with Your Broker/Dealer for Successful Branch Building

Partnering with Your Broker-dealer for Successful Branch Building

A benchmark of best practices for helping branches grow through recruiting.

Ten Factors Often Overlooked in Selecting a Broker-dealer - A Due Diligence Thought Paper

Provides the top 10 factors to consider when choosing the broker-dealer that is right for you.