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Technology Solutions

Technology impacts the way you do business and directly affects the service you provide your clients. At Cambridge, we offer some of the most customizable technology-based business options in the industry, including a wide range of innovative, in-house solutions. We provide complimentary technology consultations to identify technology needs based on the advisor’s business model; and we have experts available to assist advisors in choosing the tools that work best for their goals. 

Cambridge’s Online Business Environment: CLIC

CLIC® represents many unique, innovative, and flexible solutions – all designed with the needs of the advisor’s business in mind. More than an advisor workstation, CLIC is a combination of a workstation and a platform with a collection of subsystems designed to accomplish specific tasks. With consideration to advancements in technology while envisioning the future needs of advisors and the anticipated demands of their clients, CLIC is transforming into a powerful online business environment. Its digital delivery of a full suite of integrated and customizable technology components is being designed to allow advisors to do business wherever, whenever, and however they choose. 

You want to serve your clients, your way. Our innovative solutions are centered on the advisor’s business model to enable them to have choice and flexibility while we collectively adapt to change factors such as technology advancements, regulatory requirements, and client demands for more mobile access.

Through Cambridge CLIC Core Technology services and additional technologies, we deliver a variety of innovative tools and business resources for advisors such as:

  • CLIC Integrated Back Office Systems with Wealthscape and NetX360®
  • CIRStatements
  • Cambridge WealthPort®
  • Cambridge Retirement Center
  • Cambridge Nation
  • eSignature and additional components or subsystems including automated archiving of email correspondence with optional features for encrypted email

CLIC Integrated Back Office Systems

CLIC  integrated back office systems support functions that include automatic forms population, electronic signature, automated account opening, compensation reporting, and various electronic tasks ranging from application submission to advertising submission. Following is a summary of featured functionality:

  • Automatic account opening and straight through processing
  • Automatic forms population – maintained by QUIK! Forms
  • Electronic Signature via DocuSign
  • Electronic account signoff by OSJ supervisors
  • In-depth compensation reporting
  • Electronic application submission and document retrieval
  • Electronic correspondence and advertising submission and retention
  • Transparent service request tracking

CIRStatements (Albridge Wealth Reporting)

This robust, consolidated performance reporting tool delivers information updated daily on all "above the line" assets (not just assets on one platform), and updated at various intervals on "below the line" assets.It offers the ability to push holdings data into tools focused on financial planning, research, and CRM while providing reporting on client households as well as individuals. Features include:

  • Aggregation of outside-held assets 
  • Client view that is consolidated and accessible from advisor’s website
  • Consolidates client accounts for the advisor
  • Custom reports on demand, automatically emailed or printed, and reflecting holdings, transactions, and performance
  • Optional advisor-branded reports for clients

Cambridge WealthPort®

Cambridge WealthPort is designed by advisors and built with Cambridge’s customizable technology. This next generation managed account experience, available only from the original Fee Experts®1 features:

  • Proposal Generation
  • Model Management
  • Trading/Rebalancing
  • Fee Billing
  • Reporting
  • Research

WealthPort enables advisors to accomplish more for clients with less work. 

  • Easy to use
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective

In keeping with Cambridge’s longstanding focus on freedom and flexibility for the advisor, WealthPort offers you the ability to:

  • Serve your clients according to your unique business model
  • Choose from, and use, multiple management styles based on client preference

Cambridge Retirement Center

The Cambridge Retirement Center is dedicated to providing the education and technology resources needed to move the retirement industry forward so every individual has the opportunity to retire on their terms.

Available only from the original Fee Experts® - the Retirement Center offers choice regarding:

  • Offering fee-based solutions as a fiduciary
  • Delivering financial education to participants
  • Providing retirement income solutions

The Retirement Center enables advisors to better prepare clients for their life journey.

  • Access client retirement plans dashboard
  • Deliver financial education to participants
  • Integrate with industry-leading technology providers
  • Offer fee-based solutions as a fiduciary
  • Provide retirement income solutions
  • Utilize data aggregation, investment analytics, and fee benchmarking tools

Cambridge Nation

Cambridge Nation is a private online community for Cambridge rep-advisors to share, recommend, brainstorm, and connect with advisor peers – anytime, anywhere. Topics often include office technology, investing trends, case study examples, marketing ideas, and many other questions that come up daily in a financial practice. Mobile friendly, advisor users can choose to receive email copies of discussion posts, with options for receipt of email digests that make it easy for advisors to keep up with perspectives and insights from Cambridge peers.  

Access to the Cambridge Nation site is available to all Cambridge advisors, and accessible via an online tool bar. Highlights of this online advisor community include:

  • Discussion posts
  • Search for peers and peer profiles
  • Email digests of varying frequency
  • Mobile-friendly access

Contact a Business Development Director for details about our flexible technology options.

1The Fee Experts® is a registered mark of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. for its program for investment managers.