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Innovative Solutions

In a competitive market, your success depends on offering your clients value they won’t find anywhere else. They depend on you to offer leading-edge solutions for their financial needs – all while staying compliant in our heavily regulated industry. We continue to pave the way with innovative strategic offerings, particularly in the areas of business continuity, succession planning, retirement, social media, and outsourcing.

Cambridge Source: Powering You

Time is your most precious resource. Outsourcing seems like a simple answer, yet finding a third party who understands you, your value proposition, and your firm - or a third party who can navigate the challenges inherent in our heavily regulated industry can be challenging.

Cambridge has developed an in-house solution for common outsourcing needs. Offerings have been packaged into categories to better serve your outsourcing needs.

Office Support
  • Office Assistant
  • HR Consulting
  • Technology Services
  • Customized Advisor Marketing
  • Website Design
Practice Advancement 
  • Business Consulting
  • The Next Step Advisor Internship Program
Professional Development
  • Client Management Certification
  • Financial Industry Training
  • Street to Staff
  • Work Style Dynamics
Specialized Services 
  • Independent RIA Consulting
  • Social Media Trainer Support
  • Event Planning
  • Model Trading Services

Continuity Express®

Intent on solving one of the greatest challenges facing independent advisors, we implemented a firm-wide initiative to develop immediate solutions. Part of our solution is ensuring that all of our advisors have, at minimum, a personalized, written emergency continuity plan in place that we can back or fund if no partner or successor has been identified.

Succession Planning

We encourage you to work on a long-term succession plan that is customized and priced based on your business model. We counsel you to consider various actions that, over time, can increase the value of your business and create a smooth transition plan for your chosen successor.

Retirement Center

Led by our in-house retirement professionals who offer one-touch access to online resources, multiple technology subsystems, and integration with premium service providers. 

Social Media

From LinkedIn® to Facebook, we’ve built innovative solutions that allow you to utilize social media, while remaining compliant.

Branch Builders

Cambridge has a proven record of partnering with branch builders who actively recruit. We believe growth is necessary in order to continue to provide leading edge technology, strong regulatory oversight, and exceptional service.

Contact a Business Development Director to learn more about Cambridge’s innovative solutions.