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FCCS FDIC Insured Sweep Vehicle


This section highlights certain key features of the Bank Deposit Sweep Program (the “Program” or “BDSP”). Read the complete Disclosure Document before you decide to participate in the Program. You should consult your broker-dealer or investment representative for more information. 

Click here to view the full disclosure document.

    Tier Range           
Tier   From To     Interest Rate     APY  
1   $0.01 $4,999.99     
0.37%     0.37%  
2   $5,000.00 $24,999.99     0.37%     0.37%  
3   $25,000.00 $49,999.99     0.37%     0.37%  
4   $50,000.00 $99,999.99     0.37%     0.37%  
5   $100,000.00 $499,999.99     0.79%     0.79%  
6   $500,000.00 and above       0.79%     0.79%  

Interest rates/APY will be determined based on prevailing economic and business conditions and are subject to change at any time.

Balances will earn the same rate of interest regardless of the Program Bank with which funds are deposited. Interest rate is based upon each account's Program Deposits in accordance with the above Interest Rate Tiers. The rate of interest is evaluated on a daily basis.

Updated: 04/01/2019

Bank List

Click here to view the participating banks in the standard network Bank Deposit Sweep Program (BDSP)®.